Irish International Junior Open Championships
26th May 2012
Congratulations to our Squad at this most prestigious event.
Sammi Scott (Gold) - Sean Rees (Gold) 
Reece Mabe (Silver) - Lauren Hayward (Bronze)
Great performances from Ellis Gorton & Ussama Nadeem also.

Well Done Guys!

Scottish International Open Championships
21st & 22nd April 2012
Congratulations to our Small Squad on this occasion
Sammi Scott (Gold) - Robbie Scott (Gold)
Fantastic result from this "High Profile Event"
The only Gold medals produced by Welsh Athletes.

Well Done Guys!

Dutch International Open Championships
WKF Karate 1 Premier League
9th - 11th March 2012
Congratultions to Robbie Scott & Sammi Scott on their outstanding
performances at this prestigious event. Unfortunately, no medals, 
but Robbie taking a 9th position in his first outing at -67Kg with 2 Pools.

Well Done Guys!

Irish International Championships
25th February 2012
Congratulations to our Squad on our first International of the year!
Great results from Dublin.
Sammi Scott-Gold (Senior Female -55Kg).
Lauren Hayward - Gold (Girls Kumite).
Steffan Benson - Gold (Kata).
Robbie Scott - Silver (Senior Male -75Kg).
Sammi Scott - Silver (Senior Female - Openweight).

Huge Well Done Guys!

Welsh Karate Kai Championships
Congratulations to our guys at the recent WKK Championships.
Great results, with 5 Gold, 3 Silver & 3 Bronze in Kata and
11 Gold, 6 Silver & 7 Bronze in Kumite.

Well Done!

Scottish International Open 2011
(Edinburgh - April 23rd & 24th 2011)
Congratulations to Robbie Scott (Gold), Sammi Scott (Bronze),
Luke Howard, Ashley Edwards, Sean Rees (Top 8's) 
and Richard Chambers (Top 16)
at this very prestigious event.

Well Done Guys!

Latest Results!
WKK Club Championships
(Sunday April 17th 2011)
Congratulations to all Jishín Students on their tremendous results at the
 WKK Club Competition. 
Winning 15 Gold, 12 Silver and 8 Bronze.  
Fantastic performances with some very pleasant surprises.

Pics posted shortly

Welsh Championships 2011
(Saturday April 9th)
Congratulations to the Squad on their outstanding performances
at the Welsh "Closed".

Stuart Medicke (Male Cadet -63Kg) – Gold

Steffan Benson (Male Cadet +70Kg) – Gold

Ashley Edwards (Male Junior -76Kg) – Gold

Sammi Scott (Senior Female -61Kg) – Gold

Robbie Scott (Senior Male -67Kg) – Gold

Luke Howard (Male Junior -68Kg) – Silver

Sean Rees (Senior Male -67Kg) – Silver

Ussama Hussain (U14 Boys +55Kg) - Bronze

Well Done Everyone!

British International Open Championships
Glasgow 10th & 11th July 2010.
Congratulations to our Squad 
on their recent perfomances at this highly prestigious event.
Ffion Morgan and Sean Rees both taking bronze medals
in their respective categories.
Whilst these were the only medals, 
there were some outstanding performances given
which would have normally resulted in some high level "Bling".

Well Done Guys!
More Pics To Follow

North Wales Open Championships
Saturday 5th June 2010
Congratulations to the Squad on their results at this recent event.
We also took some of the younger Members
to give them a little taste of the "Away" experience.
They got a few medals too!

Sammi Scott - Senior Female Openweight - Gold.
Robbie Scott - Senior Male Openweight - Silver.
Jac Benson - Mixed Pee Wee Kumite - Silver.
Harry Lawrence - U14 Boys Kumite - Silver.
Sean Rees - Senior Male Openweight - Bronze.
Ashley Edwards - Male Junior Openweight - Bronze.
Ffion Morgan - Senior Female Openweight - Bronze.

Senior Male Team - Silver 
(Gethin, Sean & Robbie)

Pee Wee Mixed Team - Bronze 
(Ellis, Jac & Ffion)

Unfortunately Samantha Butt injured her knee at the event,
which will keep her out of training for a few weeks.
We wish her a speedy recovery!

Well Done Guys!

Welsh Championships

Congratulations to our Squad on their tremendous results 
at the Welsh Championships in Cardiff on Sunday 4th April 2010.

Senior Male Team - Gold
Senior Female Team - Gold
Robbie Scott (Senior -60Kg) - Gold
Sammi Scott (Junior +59Kg) - Gold
Sammi Scott (Senior -68Kg) - Gold
Ashley Watkins (Junior -61Kg) - Gold
Ashley Edwards (Junior -76Kg) - Silver
Gethin Williams (Senior Openweight) - Silver
Sean Rees (Senior -67Kg) - Silver
Samantha Butt (+68Kg) - Silver
Stuart Medicke (U14Boys +55Kg) - Silver
Leighton Brown (U12 Boys +45Kg) - Silver
Gethin Williams (Senior +75Kg) - Bronze
Ffion Moore (U12 Girls +35Kg) - Bronze
Ussama Hussain (U14Boys +55Kg) - Bronze
Ffion Morgan ( Junior +59Kg) - Bronze

Well Done Guys! Awesome!

AMA International Open Championships
Ponds Forge, Sheffield 27th & 28th February 2010
Congratulations to the Squad on their results.
Robbie Scott - Gold (Senior -60Kg)
Sammi Scott - Gold (Junior -53Kg)
Ashley Watkins - Silver (Junior -61Kg)
Ashley Edwards - Bronze (Junior -68Kg)
Samantha Butt - Bronze (Senior +68Kg)
Ffion Morgan - Top 5 (Junior +59Kg)
Sean Rees (Ogwr) - Top 5 (Senior -67Kg)

Well Done Guys! Small Squad - Big Result!

European Cadet & Junior Championships
Izmir, Turkey 5th - 7th February 2010

Congratulations to Sammi Scott on her Top 5 place.
Commiserations on just losing out on the Bronze Medal 2 - 1. 
Great result anyway. 
Well done to Ashley Edwards on his Top 16 place
and to Ashley Watkins on his fine performance.

Well done to Jordan Harris (WBKA) on his Top 5 place also 
and to the other WKGB Squad Members on their fine performances.

English Wado Federation Championships
(Tobi Ishi Kai)

Bishop Perowne College, Worcester 24th January 2010.
Congratulations to our Squad on the following results
Ashley Watkins (Male Junior -65Kg) - Gold
Sammi Scott (Female Junior -55Kg) - Gold
Ashley Edwards (Male Junior +65Kg) - Gold
Samantha Butt (Senior Female +60Kg) - Silver
Ffion Morgan (Female Junior +55Kg) - Silver
Senior Male Team - Silver
(Gethin Williams & Gareth Reynolds VGKO)
Gethin Williams (Senior Male +70Kg) - Bronze.
Well Done Guys! Small Squad - Big Result

Pics To Follow.

Welsh Open Championships
WIS, Cardiff 10th October 2009
Congratulations to our Squad on the following results
Robbie Scott (Senior Male -60Kg) - Gold
Ashley Watkins (Junior U18 -61Kg) - Gold
Ashley Edwards (Cadet +70Kg) - Silver
Gethin Williams - Silver (Team Bushikai)
Samantha Butt  (Senior Female +68Kg) - Bronze
Ffion Morgan (Junior Female U18 +59Kg) - Bronze

Pics To Follow

Welsh Bushikai Championships
Afan Lido, Pt. Talbot 4th October 2009
Stuart Medicke (Under 14 Beg - 4th Kyu) - Gold
Steffan Benson (Under 14 Beg - 4th Kyu) - Silver
Jishin Boys Team (13 - 15 Boys) - Silver
(Steffan, Stuart & Luke)
Ellis Gorton (Under 10 Boys Beg - 5th Kyu) - Bronze
Josh Williams (Under 10 Boys Beg - 5th Kyu) - Bronze
Luke Williams (Under 14 3rd Kyu & Above) - Bronze
Liam Woods (Under 16 All Grades) - Bronze
Gethin Williams (Senior Male 3rd Kyu & Above +75Kg) - Bronze
Gethin Williams (Senior Male Team - Bushikai B) - Bronze
Samantha Butt (Senior Female 3rd Kyu & Above) - Bronze.

Pics To Follow

British Championships

Edinburgh, Scotland, September 5th & 6th 2009


Ashley Watkins (Male Junior -60Kg) - Silver
Sammi Scott (Female Junior -59Kg) - Bronze
Sammi Scott (Female Junior Openweight) - Bronze
Ashley Edwards (Male Cadet +70Kg) - Bronze
Ashley Edwards (Male Cadet Openweight) - Top 5
Sean Rees (Male Junior -68Kg) - Bronze
Robbie Scott (Senior Male -60Kg) - Bronze

Good performances also from Gethin Williams.

Well Done Guys, Only A Small Squad, But Great Results.

Ashley Watkins - Silver

Sammi Scott
Bronze Individual & Bronze Openweight

Ashley Edwards
Bronze & Top 5 Openweight

Robbie Scott - Bronze

Sean Rees Photo To Be Added Shortly

Welsh Junior Open Championships

Cardiff, August 9th 2009


Ashley Edwards - Gold

Ussama Hussain - Bronze

Sophie Reynolds - Bronze

Good performances also from Ellis Gorton, Harry Lawrence & Stuart Medicke.

Well Done Guys, Small Squad, Good Results.


Austrian Junior Open Championships

No medals, but some great fighting. All positive performances.

Top 5 positions for Ashley Edwards & Mark Trubey.

Well Done Guys! Good Trip.



North Wales Open Results

Robbie Scott (Gold: Senior Male -65Kg)

Sammi Scott (Gold: Senior Ladies Openweight)

Sophie Reynolds (Gold: Female U16 Openweight)

Jishin Team (Gold: Senior Male)

(Robbie Scott - Gethin Williams - Sean Rees).

Ashley Edwards (Silver: Male U16 Openweight)

Sean Rees (Silver: Senior Male -65Kg)

Sean Rees (Bronze: Male U18 Openweight)


Well Done Guys! Small Squad, Big Result.

Pics To Follow.



Welsh Championships

Congratulations To Our Squad

Robbie Scott (Gold: Senior Male Openweight) The Mastrangeli Cup

Robbie Scott (Gold: Senior Male -67Kg)

Sammi Scott (Gold: Female Junior +59Kg)

Sammi Scott (Gold: Senior Female -61Kg)

Samantha Butt (Gold: Senior Female +68Kg)

Ashley Edwards (Gold: Male Cadet +70Kg)

Mark Trubey (Silver: Male -75Kg)

Sophie Reynolds (Bronze: Female Cadet +54Kg)

Great Results Guys! Well Done!

Robbie Scott                                Sammi Scott
Double Gold                                Double Gold

Robbie Scott
Mastrangeli Cup

Samantha Butt

European Senior Championships

Congratulations to Robbie Scott & Gethin Williams,

on their selection to represent Wales at the European Senior Championships,

to be held in Zagreb, Croatia from 8th – 10th May 2009. 
Great honour, Good Luck!



North Wales Open Championships

Congratulations to the Jishin Squad on their tremendous results.

Robbie Scott - Gold - Senior Male -65Kg.

Sammi Scott - Gold - Senior Female -55Kg.

Ashley Watkins - Gold - Male Cadet

Rhian Jones - Gold - Female 14/15

Sophie Reynolds - Gold - Female 12/13

Sean Rees - Silver - Male Cadet

Samantha Butt - Bronze - Senior Female +55Kg.

Gethin Williams - Bronze - Senior Male +65Kg.

Ashley Edwards - Bronze - Male 14/15



BUSA Championships - Sheffield


Rhys Jones (-65Kg) - Gold

Robbie Scott (-60Kg) - Silver

Once again these guys give their all for results!



European Medal

Congratulations to Robbie Scott on winning the Bronze Medal

at the European Junior Championships in Trieste, Italy.

What a fantastic achievement.

We're all extremely proud of you!



Great Results at Welsh Open Championships

Details Coming Shortly


World Junior Championships - Istanbul, Turkey

Congratulations To Robbie Scott & Rhys Jones

On Their Splendid Performances.

Robbie Scott Finishing "Top 5".



British International Open Championship - London

Sammi Scott (Female Cadet -57Kg) - Gold

Robbie Scott (Senior Male -60Kg) - Gold

Ashley Watkins (Male 14/15 yrs -57Kg) - Bronze

Rhys Jones (Senior Male -65Kg.) - Bronze

Sammi Scott (Female 14/15yrs -53Kg) - Bronze

Robbie Scott (Junior Male -65kg) - Bronze

Fantastic Results!


Jishín Squad

Samantha Butt - Gethin Williams - Rhys Jones

Robbie Scott - Ashley Watkins - Sammi Scott


Sammi Gold


Robbie Gold


Ashley Bronze

Rhys Bronze



Robbie Bronze



Welsh Youth Open Championships - Cardiff

Sammi Scott - U16 Girls - Gold

Ashley Edwards - U14 Boys - Gold

Ashley Watkins/Joshua Blackmore/Sean Rees - U16 Male Team - Gold

Ashley Watkins - U16 Boys - Silver

Rhiân Jones - U16 Girls - Bronze

Congratulations also to (Baldricks) 
Jordan Davies, Sophie Foyle & Luke Williams

Well Done Guys - Fantastic Results



European University Championships - Podgorica Montenegro

Congratulations to Rhys Jones on winning the Bronze Medal (-65Kg)

and Top 8 position in Senior Male Team

Great Results!!!



 North Wales Open Championships - Wrexham

Luke Howard & Ashley Edwards - Gold & Silver Male U14

Sean Rees & Ashley Watkins - Gold & Silver Male U16

Sammi Scott & Rhiân Jones - Gold & Silver Female U16

Sean Rees, Ashley Watkins & Luke Howard - Gold U16 Male Team

Gemma John - Gold Senior Female

Robbie Scott, Gethin Williams & Siôn Rees - Gold Senior Male Team

Robbie Scott & Gethin Williams - Gold & Silver Senior Male Openweight

Well Done Guys - Fantastic Results



Great Results at Welsh Championships - Cardiff

Samantha Scott - Female U16 Kumite - Gold

Gemma John - Senior Female -60Kg - Gold.

Gemma John - Senior Female Openweight - Gold.

Rhiân Jones - Female U14 - Silver.

Robbie Scott - Senior Male -70Kg - Silver.

Ashley Watkins - Male U16 - Bronze.

Luke Howard - Male U14 - Bronze.

Gethin Williams - Senior Male +75Kg. - Bronze.


Photo To Follow



BUSA Championships

Rhys Jones - Senior Male -65Kg - Gold

Congratulations to Rhys on his selection to represent Britain

In the European Universities Championships


Photo To Follow


Great Results at WKA Traditional Open Championships

Afan Lido Sports Centre - March 10th 2007

Congratulations To Our Senior Team

Gemma John - Senior Female Openweight - Gold.

Robbie Scott - Senior Male -75Kg - Gold.

Rhys Jones - Senior Male -75Kg. - Silver.

Gethin Williams - Senior Male +75Kg. - Silver.

Senior Male Team - (Robbie, Rhys & Gethin) - Gold.


Photo To Follow



Welsh Traditional Karate Open

Afan Lido Sports Centre - October 15th 2006

Congratulations to the Team on their success at this Championship.

Gethin Williams – Senior Male (+ 75Kg.) – Gold.

Gemma John – Senior Female (Openweight) – Gold.

Robbie Scott – Senior Male (-75Kg.) – Gold.

Ashley Watkins – Male (Under 16 – 5’ 4”) – Gold.


Senior Male Team – Silver. (Robbie, Gethin & Sion)

Junior Team (Under 16) – Silver. (Ashley, Samantha & Joshua)

Junior Team (Under 14) – Silver. (Rhiân, Ffiôn & Ashley)

Ffiôn Morgan – Female (Under 16 - 5’ 2”) – Bronze.

Samantha Butt – Female (Under 16 + 5’ 2”) – Bronze.

Joshua Blackmore – Male (Under 16 + 5’ 4”) – Bronze.

(Photos To Follow)


The British Senior International Open Championships

Crystal Palace 2nd & 3rd September 2006.

Congratulations To Robbie, Rhys, Gemma & Gethin

On Their Tremendous Performances.


Robbie Scott

Gold (Junior Male -65Kg.) & Top 5 (Senior Male -60Kg.)

Gemma John

Silver (Junior Female -60Kg.) & Bronze (Senior Female -60Kg.)

Rhys Jones

Top 8 (Junior Male -65Kg.) & Top 5 (Senior Male -65Kg.)

Gethin Williams

Top 8 (Senior Male + 80Kg.)

Senior Male Team

Top 5

(Gethin, Rhys, Robbie, Dean & David)



Austrian Junior Open


Congratulations to the Squad on the results at the

Austrian Junior Open Championships in Salzburg, June 17th 2006.


Robbie Gold



Robbie Scott – Gold - Male Junior (-65Kg.)

Ashley Watkins – Silver - Male U16 (-55Kg.)

Sammi Scott – Silver - Female U16 (-50Kg.)

Rhiân Jones – Top 5 - Female U14 (-160cm)

Luke Howard – Top 8 - Male U14 (-155cm)

Rhys Jones – Top 8 - Male Junior (-65Kg.)


Ashley Silver



Sammi Silver


Particularly well done to Ashley and Sammi,

who competed in their first U16 International

and performed magnificently.


   Rhiân deserved a medal, she fought like a demon,

having the most fights in the category

and taking out the majority of the best fighters on the way.

She successfully came through

an exhausting “Heavy” fight in the Quarter-Finals,

only to lose in the Semi-Final and then unfortunately lost in Repéchage.

No medal but lots 'n' lots of “Brownie” points.


Luke in his new found “Niche” as International Competitor,

showed amazing fighting ability, 
but unfortunately got disqualified along the way,

when his opponent launched himself (Kamikaze like) 
onto Luke's rising Mawashigeri.

.... Ooops! .... Death by Bongo Bongo!....


Guys, I’m really proud of you all!

But who's that basket-case next to Robbie?



      British International Open Championships      


Congratulations to Robbie Scott

on his Cadet Bronze, Junior Bronze and Senior Silver

at the recent "British Internation Karate Open Championships",

which was held at the Crystal Palace Arena,

London on September 3rd & 4th 2005.


Great performances from Gemma John and Rhys Jones

who were very unlucky to have come away without medals.

With each fighter entering a minimum of 2 categories, 
it was a very tiring weekend.

Rhys & Gemma were unfortunately not available for photographs.

The competition was a very prestigious event,

with top quality fighters attending from all over the Globe. 


Cadet Bronze


Pictured following his drive through to the Semi-Final 
and subsequent win in repéchage,

to take the Bronze Medal in the B.I.K.O. 
Male Cadet -65Kg category is Robbie Scott. 

Joined by fellow Bronze Medallist - Joe Cruz (England),

Silver Medallist - Craig Moffat (Scotland
and Gold Medallist - Michael Murray (Scotland).

Medals were presented by Victor Charles M.B.E.



Junior Bronze


Once again Robbie Scott reaching the Semi-Final in the B.I.K.O. 
Junior Male -65Kg,
only to lose out to Frenchman Mathieu Cossou,

but securing the Bronze Medal in the repéchage

to make it 2 on the trot.

On the rostrum with fellow Bronze Medallist

Jallal Zakhnini (Belgium),

Silver Medallist Mathieu Cossou (France) 
and Gold Medallist William Rolle (France).

Medals presented by Victor Charles M.B.E.

Senior Silver

One step further this time for Robbie Scott.

Taking the Silver Medal in the British International Karate Open Senior Male -60Kg. category.

Pictured with fellow Welsh Team mate and Gold Medallist,

Gareth Reynolds.

Joined by Bronze Medallists

Paul James (England) & Colin Simmonds (England).

Both Robbie and Gareth recently finishing the 
Commonwealth Karate Championships

in Gold medal positions, in their respective categories

and keeping their medal tallies topped up.

Victor Charles M.B.E. presented the medals

and is obviously in good company,

trying to help keep up his image. 


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