The New Dojo

Work began some time ago. All internal walls, offices, toilet blocks and cupboards were torn down and removed. Ceilings were brought down, wiring and all plumbing stripped out.

It is now one large open-plan area, perfect for the eventual training hall. However, reconstruction of certain walls, blocking up of previous doorways and a new entrance from Unit 2 are underway and likely to take some time.
A new "Conference Room" is already under construction, which will be utilised for Coaching Courses, First Aid and Safeguarding & Protecting Children Courses. The room will have  full Internet Access. Computers, Screens, Photocopiers, Printers, Projectors etc. etc.

The new ceiling is an enormous task, as it needs to be raised to our required 10ft height and is a considerable length. New wiring to accommodate the bespoke lighting arrangement and a ton of Rockwool Insulation & Cel
otex should cost "an arm and a leg". The Air Conditioning will be of great benefit also, but very expensive.

The Dojo where we currently train will become part Reception & Lounge Area and part "Studio Dojo" for teaching Private Students and our inimitable  "Karate KIDZ and KIDZ XL (Excel)". The new Cafe/Bar & Reception Counter will be a new build.

To celebrate the eventual opening, we will be hosting a Celtic Competition against our International friends from Scotland & Ireland, followed by a party and Disco/Karaoke. This will give the opportunity for everyone to see the new arrangement. A select number of previous WKK/Jishin Students and Groups of friends will also be invited to visit and take part in the celebrations.

When it is eventually finished, all future WKK Courses will be held there.

Photos To Follow.
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