Welsh Karate Kai Club Development Championships


Individual Kata & Kumite

Team Kata & Kumite

"Slam Man"

Ohyo/Kihon Gumite

Sunday 12th March 

Sunday 11th June

Sunday 15th October

(Doors open 10.30 for a 11.00 a.m. start)


These Tournaments will be held at WKK H.Q. which is Jishín Karate Academy. The Competition, is held on behalf of our Association, Welsh Karate Kai. 
Its purpose is to introduce the Novice or inexperienced Karate-Ka to the Tatami and to give the Brown & Black Belts a taste of Refereeing & Judging. Categories will be available for the more experienced Competitors.

Categories for ALL Ages.

Entries in by Thursday Evening prior to the event date.


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