Grading Dates
Saturday 28th March - Mon
Saturday 27th June - Kyu (Brown & Black Belts)
Saturday 26th September - Mon

Saturday 19th December - Kyu (Brown & Black Belts)
(Association General Courses will be held 1 month prior)
(All Grades)

Association Grading Requirements

4 x Gradings Per Year (2 xMon - 2 x Kyu)

Students Are Required To Attend 
Association General Courses


Brown & Black Belt Courses
In Preparation for Grading.

 All Gradings are at the Chief Instructors' discretion.


Gradings are a Single Day Event.
A Club Grading Preparation & Assessment Course will be held 2 weeks prior,
to determine those ready to take the examination. 

They will comprise of the following; Kihon (Basics), Renraku Waza (Combinations) and Renraku Uke (Combination Blocks), Kata (Form) & Yakusoku Gumite (Pre-arranged Fighting).

ALL Gradings take place on a Sunday.
Time windows are allocated and advertised.

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