Dan Grades
This Page Is Specifically Dedicated To The Dan Grades.

The coveted "Black Belt" is a special item within any Karate-Ka's career. Promotion to Dan Grade follows years of intense training under the scrutiny & guidance of the Chief Instructor and Senior Grades.

Quote: Many Students achieve a high Kyu Grade, but sadly, fall short of the mark. Some move elsewhere, for life's "easier ride"........ 

"The Weak Fall By The Wayside, Only The Strong Survive!"©


Paul Scott (Rokudan)

Robbie Scott (Yondan)

Irene Scott (Yondan)

Sammi Scott (Sandan)


Ellis Gorton (Nidan)

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Gethin Williams (Nidan)

Rhys Jones (Nidan)


Samantha Butt (Shodan)

Ellis Gorton (Shodan)

Reece Mabe (Shodan)

Robert Banks (Shodan)

Ethan Banks (Shodan)

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