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The Club has a fully Computerised “In-house”
Professional Embroidery Service. This allows Merchandising from Basic Idea - To Design - To Completion. Taking the Club Badge, Design or Logo, From a mere thought, to a completely Professional Image, in full colour.

Transfer to Karate Gi, Tracksuit, Hoodie, “T” Shirt, KitBags, Tatami Bags, or almost any other item, becomes simply a matter of time & choice. Your Badge/Logo lets the World know what your Product or Service is like. Good or Bad!


The Hardware


Comprising of Professional Brother PR600 Machines,
the quality of embroidery is "Absolutely First Class." Turnover is extremely quick, without any compromise in quality.


Caps & Beanies

Being Professional Machines, they also have the added advantage of being able to embroider on any tubular garment also. Caps, Hats, Beanies & Hoodies etc.



Designs incorporating 6 colours as a Standard Option, (more if required) Plus utilising Japanese Translation & Characters, make this service ideal for all Martial Arts Clubs.


Club Badge or Logo

The average Karate Club Badge (sized at 3” – 4”), would cost £45 (normally £89) to create the Professional Digitized Punched Master.


From that point on,
there would only be the cost of the individual badge, where no minimum quantity is required.



A catalogue of stock designs are available to help create your very own Corporate Image. Photographs, Clip Art, Jpegs & Bitmaps etc., can be incorporated into your design.


New Design



A variety of Fonts to create any Text inclusion i.e. Name, Style or Geographical Area. Numerous Borders & Edgings to complete the picture.


Karate Belt or Sash

Forget about sending away and waiting 4 - 6 weeks for your prized possession - "Black Belt."


This typical type of "Itemised Embroidery"
incorporating Personal Name down one side and Club Name or Karate Style down the other,would be very reasonably priced at £15. (Not including the cost of Belt or Sash).


Japanese Translation is available at a small extra charge. Stock Japanese Karate Styles in Kanji & Katakana are available at no extra charge.


A fraction of the cost compared to other sources. Elite Belts by Adidas Budo Nord and Tokaido are a stock item.


We Don't Mind

You don't have to be Karate, it can be any Martial Art. You don't have to be Martial Arts, it can be a Chess Club, Football, Cycling etc.. It doesn't have to be Sport, it can be a Cafe/Restaurant, Local Shop or Computer Service Station........ Anything!


Sublimation & Heat Press Vinyl Transfers

To compliment our successful embroidery service, we have purchased "Top Of The Range" Heat Presses, Sublimation Printers & Vinyl Cutter/Plotters. This will service the Sublimation & Vinyl Transfer market. Allowing full colour Dye Sublimation Transfer to Poly/Cotton garments or Heat Pressed Vinyl Design to all modes of garment.

Cups, Mugs, Plates, Coasters, Plaques & Shields

Just a few of the items that can be persoanlised with sublimation,
transferring Photographs, Text, Logos etc., onto a wide range of substrates. Stunning Quality! - Highly Individual! Only your imagination can hold you back!

Business Signs

"A" Frame Signs to advertise your Clubs while in operation. Car Graphics to advertise your Clubs whilst driving. More News Soon!


Garment decoration now includes jewelled design, using Schwarovski Heat Pressed style crystals. These designs can be tailored to individual needs or templated for Corporate Identity.

Embroidered Patches & Badges

For those items where you require to cover, or sew over, previously embroidered areas,or where a sew-on Patch is more readily available to sell. The American Merrow Badge/Patch Overlocker Machine
is really the only answer!

Screen Printing
Coming Soon!....... The most obvious next addition to our range of services. Full Colour - Professional Multi Screen layout for top designs.

Whilst the purpose of these services, is to specifically cater for the high demand from the busy Jishín Group & Welsh Karate Kai Association........ if you think this might be convenient for you;

No Parking Problems – Longer Opening Hours

No Minimum Quantity

Then Simply Contact Paul or Irene.


Sparring Partners™

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